Owner of Goel Medicos, Basant Goel collaborates with gaushalas for the welfare of cows


New Delhi: Having reached a successful milestone in the pharmacy industry, Basant Goel, the owner of Goel Medicos, ventures into the veterinary landscape for the welfare of the cows. Supporting the UP government initiative to protect the destitute cows, he is in close association with the Apna Ghar organization to provide end-to-end healthcare solutions to the ‘gau matas’.

Noticing the miserable fate of the stray cows, Mr. Goel came up with the initiative to serve the well-being of the cows. He has a team with a presence across PAN India that provides free-of-cost services to the gaushalas.

They monitor the overall health of the cows.  From arranging of the veterinarian to supervising the quality of fodder, supplying the medicines, everything is completely taken care of by the owner of Goel Medicos.

Faithfully serving the gaushalas for more than 10 years, he also provides integrated consultation aimed at not just enhancing the health of the cows but also improving their living environment. He also has provision for providing shelter to homeless destitute cows. Also in case, any pet cow at home or village is sick, the team arranges for the cow to be sent to the nearest gaushala to ensure constant and quality health care.

Having an active presence in Delhi/NCR, Madras, Bangalore, Goel Medicos supplies around 10-15 lakh medicines to the gaushalas in a year.

On the occasion, Basant Goel said, “Considering that people are very much invested and busy in their own life, they barely take account of the animals around them. To be a change-maker one cannot wait for the situation to reverse and has to come to the forefront to initiate the change. Looking at the sorrowful state of destitute cows gave me the motivation to do something for their welfare.” 

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