Mukesh Officials work on Punjabi and Marwadi song from album Music Reels,' fans excited after seeing the story


Recently Indian Singer-Songwriter Mukesh Officials released the first song "Jaana Zaroori Hai" from his album "Music Reels" which was a live song and released this song to start the album and after the first song Mukesh Officials told his fans that very soon work will be started on the second song of that album and the name of that song will be "Purani Jeans" with this song he will introduce a new music producer.
The album was named Instagram Reels and due to the brand name they had to change the name of the album and now the name of that album is 'Music Reels'.
Simultaneously, Mukesh Officials told that this album will also have Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Marwari Songs, so Fans was very happy and excited to listen to Punjabi and Marwadi Songs in the voice of Mukesh Officials.

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